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Following a hiatus from social media, I downloaded several social platforms so that I would be able to participate along with my peers. I intended to draft an article outlining the benefits of moderation when it comes to the platforms, and I sought firsthand experience on the subject. I had seldom perceived social media on […]
College student Emma Lembke is taking action against what she sees as the harmful effects of social media on her generation. By her mid-teens, the founder of the Log Off Movement had had enough of social media.
Chasing Life
In February, college student and founder of the Log Off Movement, Emma Lembke, testified in front of a Senate committee about the impact that social media companies have on youth mental health.
Student Life
As the founder of the LOG OFF Movement, Lembke aims to tackle the complexity of social media and help parents and kids navigate through the inner workings of these apps.
Emma Lembke, a sophomore student in political science at the University of Washington in St. Louis, talks about the harmful effects social media had on her life after she set up an Instagram account in the sixth grade.
The Network
When one learns to obtain self-awareness on social media, one can develop a heightened sense of conscious attention needed to break away from mindless scrolling.
Unfinished Live
In conversation with Omidyar Network’s Michele Lawrence Jawando, four digital natives will illuminate their generation’s shifting attitudes and relationship with tech, explore how the system can best respond, and share bold new visions for the tech future they want to inherit and lead.
The Network
It’s about just that: slowing down.