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Student Life
As the founder of the LOG OFF Movement, Lembke aims to tackle the complexity of social media and help parents and kids navigate through the inner workings of these apps.
Emma Lembke, a sophomore student in political science at the University of Washington in St. Louis, talks about the harmful effects social media had on her life after she set up an Instagram account in the sixth grade.
Unfinished Live
In conversation with Omidyar Network’s Michele Lawrence Jawando, four digital natives will illuminate their generation’s shifting attitudes and relationship with tech, explore how the system can best respond, and share bold new visions for the tech future they want to inherit and lead.
Emma Lembke is a first-year student at Washington University and wants to create change for years to come.
The Source
Washington University in St. Louis first-year student Emma Lembke didn’t need a Facebook whistleblower or neuroscience researchers to tell her that social media messes with the adolescent brain. She lived it.
Emma Lembke joins News Nation to discuss the need to incorporate Gen-Z voices in policymaking around social media.
Voices of Youth
One summer day at the end of 9th grade, in the millisecond between the buzz and the Pavlovian response to grab for my phone, I, Emma Lembke, did something I had never done before. I asked myself why I was responding this way to all my digital notifications.
MTV News
Teens are building a new movement to reform social media in the wake of The Social Dilemma by organizing mass detoxes, speaking out about social media’s impact on their mental health.