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Emma Lembke, 20, founded the Log Off initiative after her social anxiety and eating disorders were aggravated by the use of platforms.
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Log Off Movement co-founder Emma Lembke weighs in on safeguards to protect children from the dangers of social media.
They’ve been affected by social media more than any other generation, says Emma Lembke, who’s 20 and founded the Log Off Movement to help teens have a healthy relationship with social media.
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In this episode we are joined by Emma Lembke, who founded LOG OFF, a global movement to help youth re-examine their relationship to social media and insert Gen Z’s voice in discussions around responsible technology.
Emma Lembke, a digital wellness youth activist featured in the documentary, sits down with CBS News’ Mola Lenghi and Tanya Rivero to discuss why she launched a movement encouraging people to “log off.”
Gen Z is the first generation to go from birth through adolescence completely connected. This episode of the CBS Reports documentary series “Are the Kids All Right?”
College student Emma Lembke is taking action against what she sees as the harmful effects of social media on her generation. By her mid-teens, the founder of the Log Off Movement had had enough of social media.
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In February, college student and founder of the Log Off Movement, Emma Lembke, testified in front of a Senate committee about the impact that social media companies have on youth mental health.