Forks Up, Phones Down - Log Off Movement

Forks Up, Phones Down is a public-awareness campaign that aims to reduce phone usage and encourage human connection at the table.

We know you’ve felt it  – you are joining friends or family for a meal, and you look around and notice that everyone is on their phones. Everyone is together, but not really… 

Some of life’s most precious moments are found in conversation with others and gathered around a good plate of food. Yet, the growing usage of technology (via QR code menus, ipads, etc.) in the dining experience places these moments of authentic human connection at risk. It is time to prioritize humans over internet connection at the table by putting our Forks Up and Phones Down. 

We’re challenging young people and adults alike to put our forks up and our phones down. We believe that setting aside our phones – where we’re inundated with social pressures, stigmas and features that are often detrimental to our mental health and wellbeing – can have a profound positive impact! Let’s prioritize our digital wellbeing over our phones, our tech, and our internet connection.

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Interested in helping your community be more tech intentional? We’ll give you all of the tools you need to host a Forks Up Phones Down Event, including a phone basket, stickers and guiding activities. You just choose where and when!