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Image by Gilles Lambert

We seek to further dialogue about the multifaceted nature of social media and promote the healthy usage of it

At LOG OFF, we are passionate about lowering social media's impact on mental health while teaching teenage users and their parents about how to navigate the vast inner -workings of life on social media. We wish to use an array of mediums, such as a podcast, this website, the blog, and the Character Ed program to further investigate how social media is affecting its adolescent users worldwide. 


Although the movement began in Birmingham, Alabama, the founders of LOG OFF hope that the movement will continue to expand around the globe and assist in promoting healthy ways to exist on social media. The founders understand they are far from experts on the topic, but they hope to engage with teenagers in productive and impactful conversations to raise awareness for an issue they all believe needs to be solved.


To learn more about our founders, read the information provided on the Our Team page or listen to Episode 1 of the LOG OFF and Listen Up Podcast!


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