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What would social media look like if it supported your definition of content creation?

A Social Media App Design by Susan Thomas, 17, that supports her definition of content creation: Content creation is about showing who you are, most of the time in a positive light.

The mockup

Based on the rough sketch above.

Artboard 3 copy 9.png

What makes this app different?

Susan Thomas, 17

17, Female Empowerment & Social Media Activism. 

Susan's bio as written by her fellow LOG OFF member Fabiana, 17. 

What if you could go back to 2008, where content creation did not exist in the same sense of today, how do you think life would be different?

I live quite a far away from my friends, so at first it would be lonely, but then I think I would think bigger and start talking to people a bit more. I would be more spread around in real life. It would be quite different, but the same time it won't change that much.

Fabiana's thoughts on Susan's app

“I really like the idea of being able to hide someone else's likes and followers. Although I do feel, when an account is bigger than yours you know it - you've heard of them etc. and we often try and strive to, but not being able to see their likes and follows will definetely help with the pressure.” - Fabiana, 17

The Design Challenge was done on a Zoom call between the LOG OFF members, Susan and Fabiana (GenZ designers), and Iske (a non-GenZ facilitator and mockup designer).

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