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Mental Health Matters Campaign
By Keegan Lee, Director of Wellbeing

Through the wellbeing initiative, Keegan Lee wanted to emphasize the importance of mental health through global connectedness. To do this, she asked people from around the world to take a picture with a sign that says "Mental Health Matters to show that this is a global cause and something that needs to be talked about on an international scale.

Hong Kong, China

Orlando, Florida

New York City, New York

Dublin, Ireland

Duke University- Durham, North Carolina

Maryland- USA 

Barcelona, Spain

Boulder, Colorado

Berkeley, California

Florida, USA 

Zimbabwe, South Africa

Utrecht, Netherlands

Nevada- USA 


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Venice, Italy

Burlington, North Carolina

Luton, England

Poughkeepsie, New York

Bozeman, Montana

Cotonou, Benin

Seattle, Washington

Peru- South America

Mason, Ohio

South Carolina- USA 

NYC, New York

Atlanta, Georgia 


Tennessee- USA 

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