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LOG OFF's Guide to Quarantine

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Quarantine has been especially rough for me when it comes to my daily screen time. Not only are camps and meetings now online, which means participating in zoom meetings for 2-6 hours, but also keeping in touch with friends has never been more reliant on social media apps. To try and help out my brain and my eyes, I have made a rule that I have to take breaks away from a screen once an hour as well as go outside on a walks. Self accountability with screen time is vital to maintaining healthy social media habits. But there is a ton more that is also available to do from home and keep in touch with friends even without breaking social distancing rules.

Here are a few of my favorite activities during quarantine that allow me to log off and stay entertained!

Chalk party

This might sound stupid, but chalk art is the best way to interact with people over, have fun, and maintain social distancing guidelines. Just make sure everyone is 6 feet apart, gets 5 colors, and you get to make art without any fear that it will be permanent and therefore has to look good. It is a wonderful way to destress and regain social interaction off the screen.

Baking and/or cooking

I am sure this has been recommended to you over and over again, but what better time is there to practice than now? Be creative, and try to use the ingredients in your home without having to go to the store. I personally tried making a carrot cake recently, but in our attempts to grate the carrots in a food processor, little black plastic bits got in. It was still a great way for me to have fun and disconnect for an hour..... and it was really good cake!

Painting (watercolor, acrylics)

Quarantine is the perfect time to tap into your artistic abilities and become the next best modern artist! Turn on some relaxing music and let your ideas flow onto the canvas of your choosing. I am a terrible painter who is working very very hard to become mediocre, and quarantine has allowed me to practice my skills in a safe environment.


Words are malleable and plentiful. We all have things to say in unique ways, so let those words flow! Emma Lembke, my co-founder, has a personal Moleskin journal dedicated to her poetic brainstorms and writing ideas, and she tries to write a few times a week as her a way to log off. This idea specifically goes out to all of the people who loved creative writing when they were younger and now that it is time to write college essays they have no idea how to write creatively anymore.

Writing letters

If you are anything like me, you love the intimate and physical nature of writing letters. This is an excellent way to personally keep up with friends and revive an past form of interaction. Bonus points if you put a baked good in with your letter!

Handwriting (becoming ambidextrous)

Practice makes perfect, and handwriting is no exception to this universal truth. Take time to improve your handwriting skills and explore being able to use both hands when writing!Even though practicing to become ambidextrous sounds strange, the idea of being able to use both hands to write things down sounds amazing!

Magic tricks

Youtube is home to a plethora of magic videos that are assured to surprise your housemates and friends. Practice fulfilling your childhood dream of being able to say pick a card… any card!

Spa day

Here at LOG OFF, we believe mental health is extremely important. It is nice to not have the daily pressure of looking particularly put together, but showering or bathing before bed is one the best opportunities during quarantine to take a deep breath, relax, and escape social media.


Maybe you have younger siblings or are a child at heart, but building a pillow fort is a great way to explore your creative side and have fun while off the screen!


One of the best investments during quarantine, other than masks and toilet paper, is a nice, old-fashioned brain game! Buy one of those ridiculously complex lego sets that turn into the Taj Mahal, and go absolutely wild. If you do not want to accidentally step all over lego pieces, a puzzle is just as fun even if it is not the glory of being 3-D. These tangible games engage your brain without the harsh blue light from a screen.


This activity ticks a multitude of boxes, with both the glory of nature combined with the hard work of working out! Take a pup or invite a friend, six feet away of course, for company and have fun escaping the confines of your home and the internet.

Although we strongly stand behind the necessity of taking breaks from not just social media but any screen, we understand the positive role social media, specifically zoom, has played in maintaining face to face interaction between people during this time.

If you tried any of these LOG OFF quarantine break ideas, send us a picture of you doing the activity or any feedback on how it affected you to , and we might put it in our next quarantine blog!