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Be Influenced by EXFLUENCED

A MUST WATCH video about the reality of Instagram from Exfluenced

Here at LOG OFF, we take pride in highlighting outstanding work from fellow organizations in the digital wellness community. This week, we are proud to spotlight an informative video from Exfluenced. Exfluenced is a TUM (Technical University of Munich) Research Team that works to promote a healthier relationship towards Instagram. Through their digital detox program and eye-opening daily facts on Instagram, Exfluenced tries to fill your feed with many helpful yet unknown facts about social media. Their social media presence serves as an ideal example of how to exist on social platforms in a healthy and productive way. Below you will find a link to their website and their Instagram handle: we strongly suggest you look through their work to see their unparalleled dedication to promoting healthy social media habits. Sit back and enjoy the video!



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