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LOG OFF's Upcoming Reading Initiative

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

LOG OFF is proud to announce the upcoming launch of "LOG OFF and Pick Up a Book", a virtual book club for all high schoolers.

Each day, our face to face interactions are imperative to our mental wellbeing and staying connected outside of social media. Here at Log Off, we understand the difficulty of staying in contact with others void of a social media platform during quarantine; therefore, we are announcing the future launch of an initiative aimed at keeping high schoolers engaged with each other called "LOG OFF and Pick Up a Book".

We will meet monthly to discuss the assigned book. The monthly book choices will be decided on my the LOG OFF founders and voted on by all the book club members in a poll. Whatever book gets the most votes will be assigned for that month. We will be using Zoom to conduct each meeting, and they will consist of an hour of lively discussion and debate. We have launched the sign up for the September book and the poll for the first novel in early September. Vote, sign up, and join the LOG OFF community to combat excessive social media usage during quarantine!

Head over to the "Book Club" button on the navigation bar in order to learn more about the club, vote on the upcoming book, and sign up for the zoom webinar!

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