A Room For My Phone

Member of the LOG OFF Writers Group, Olivia Bancel, offers advice to those looking to distance themselves from their smartphones.

Just the other day my friends and I talked about what makes our phones so addicting and why we feel constantly drawn to them. With further discussion, we all agreed that the closer our phones are to us, the more pressure we feel to go on them.

As someone who is rarely on my phone, my friends asked me how I manage my time on mine, which I answered with “my phone has a room.”

A little over a year ago, I began to feel myself relying on my phone too much. Over time, I realized that my issue wasn’t that I was addicted to my phone but it was how close my phone was to me at every moment of the day; the more I saw my phone, the more I felt the need to go on it. When walking around my house, my phone was always in my back pocket. When getting out of the shower, my phone was waiting for me on my sink. When doing my homework, it was always by my side. Rather than carrying my phone around when it was necessary, my phone started to feel like a requirement. Just like the clothing on my back, I began to feel dependent on my phone and could never go anywhere without it.

As I began to grow awareness of how often I was on my phone, I tried figuring out a system that would help me go on my phone less and allow me to not feel the need to be on it.

I decided the smartest way to do this was to find a room in my house where I would leave my phone for the majority of the day and not have to carry it around with me. By doing this, I would be forced to step away from my phone and spend moments that I would normally be on my phone with things that would bring me joy and are more productive.