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A Resource For Those Who May Be Struggling

Content Warning : This article contains mentions of suicide and mental health. If these topics may be triggering for you, we recommend proceeding carefully.

Caitlyn Branine, a LOG OFF Guest Writer, shares her story of navigating loss and tragedy in the age of social media, and offers resources for those who may be struggling.

When I was a freshman, four students at my high school died by suicide. Numb and confused, my 15-year-old brain could not begin to grasp the depth of the tragedies. As a result, I became more sensitive to the young people around me who were also struggling. I lost sleep over my friend, Katie, whose battle with mental health heartlessly robbed her of the contagious laugh I loved so much. I cried with my little sister when she was viciously attacked by an online group full of hate. I watched anxiety envelop my cousin until she could no longer eat. And I certainly was not exempt; friendless and alone, I often felt invisible.

It became clear that my generation is barely existing in a war against our own mental health. I really appreciate everything The Log Off Movement is doing to promote positive uses of technology, especially since social media is often a cause for mental health issues and teen suicide, yet it is usually the first place young people seek when they are hurting. Organizations, like The Log Off Movement and Girl Scouts, inspired me to create a positive virtual community where young people can anonymously post their personal stories, struggles, and heartfelt questions without the fear of judgement or rejection. It is a safe and positive place that welcomes all. Please visit if you or anyone you know might benefit from our uplifting community. Together, we will fight relentlessly to ensure that no one in our community becomes a casualty of this merciless war.

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