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A Poem: If It's Social, Then Why Do I Feel So Lonely?

Hanna Holmes, a LOG OFF guest writer, juxtaposes her tech-free childhood with a lonely later adolescence in order to highlight the power of disconnection within social apps.

If It's Social, Then Why Do I Feel So Lonely?

When I was younger my shoulders felt light when I was younger colors were brighter love felt deeper and laughter was louder because I was present and things felt right. When I was younger I actually talked to people and I believed in love and intimacy even found the folds of my stomach kinda funny. When I was younger I never brushed my hair, but neither did you. Now that I’m older I tell

twitter how happy I am to be myself even though it's hard to type through the tears when everyone displays their life as if they don't have fears. Every caption I write seems to further damage my sense of self. How could anyone make up for all this lost time? Confused by life's reality; I realize now I lived it online


About the Author: Hanna Holmes

Hanna Holmes is an aspiring writer who was raised in Olympia, Washington. Hanna struggled with mental health through her high school years and poetry was a sort of therapy for her. Hanna writes poetry in hopes she can help others like it did for her.

Cover Art by Luke Leung from Unsplash

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