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A Comprehensive Podcast Guide

Molly Armstrong, a prominent member of the monthly writers group, provides the LOG OFF community with a comprehensive list of podcasts as a way to encourage healthier digital activities.

There’s a reason podcasts are booming and it’s pretty simple: podcasts are awesome. If you’re already on it, *fist pump of agreement* -- and if not, here’s a little welcome to the glorious world of listenership!

So, why are podcasts awesome? Why should you get on this if you haven’t already?

Well, there’s lots to love. They offer an enjoyable way to pass time, learn and find inspiration all through an easy and free listen, yes FREE. (For me personally, I get a little ping of joy when I see a new episode of my favorite podcast come out right before a flight or long drive ‘cause you know that’s gonna kill some time.) And what’s better? Great entertainment with basically no screen time, which is a reason we heavily support podcasts here at LOG OFF!

But fact is, I can’t do justice to the full podcast-listening experience with only words, so here’s a collection of quality podcasts on a wide range of topics -- mental health and wellbeing, technology, psychology, and economics, to name a few -- and you can hear for yourself!

*If you’re already a podcast lover, hopefully you can add some more favorites to your list!


Discussion Based Podcasts

Vox Conversations

A pretty varied podcast with different hosts and formats depending on the episode. All of the old Ezra Klein Show episodes are now on there, which I recommend the most!

Planet Money

A refreshing and fun take on a lot of seemingly drowsy economic topics. The hosts are so passionate about what they report on, it’s contagious!

Ted Radio Hour

A longer and deeper version of Ted Talks where the speaker has a chance to go beyond just a 10 minute talk in a conversation with the host Guy Raz. I prefer this over regular Ted Talks!

This American Life

A myriad of topics under one theme: life in America. You can bet there’s an episode on pretty much anything interesting that’s happening around us!


Similar to This American Life, Radiolab is described as “a platform for long-form journalism and storytelling.” It’s a show you can depend on for consistent quality and an easy listen.

Hidden Brain

Explores how our brains subtly influence our daily lives. Hosted by journalist Shankar Vendantam in addition to an endless list of knowledgeable guests.


Similar to Hidden Brain, Invisibilia focuses on the hidden processes that shape our behavior. It’s a cool feeling to learn more about yourself (and everyone else) with each episode!

Sincerely, X

Basically Ted Talks and Ted Radio Hour, but anonymous! This creates a really interesting space for more vulnerable and unspoken, yet equally important ideas and stories.

Code Switch

In-depth and fearless conversations on race and how it impacts society. Extremely educational and important!

The Happiness Lab

Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos discusses happiness and the latest research on the subject along with amazing guests. This show offers practical ways to find contentment and foster wellbeing in society today.

How to Be a Better Human

Explores self growth and wellbeing through discussion with credible guests. Generally inspirin