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98 Ways to Entertain Yourself without Smartphones or Social Media

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Ian Siegel, a LOG OFF Guest Writer, offers 101 ideas for unplugging while simultaneously proving the ease in living life off screens.


1) Read a book! It can be any book, based on any genre...I myself keep a few sci-fi and biography books in the house, and I'm also thinking of getting into comics.

2). Get into tabletop and board games

3). People watch (this you need to be discreet about though)

4). Get into puzzles

5). Write poetry or prose

6). Go out and hike

7). Shoot hoops

8). Go out and socialize (this may look differently due to COVID-19 )

9). Play with any of your pets

10). Paint

11). Experiment with new recipes

12). Go shopping at a physical store

13). Get into collecting

14) Birdwatch

15). Practice Yoga

16). Volunteer at a local organization

17). Play paintball or Nerf

18) Learn how to play an instrument

19). Clean out your closet and bedroom

20) Go swimming at your local pool

21) Paint your nails

22). Bake something, it can be cookies, cakes, bread, etc.

23) Learn how to skateboard or surf

24) Cosplay at a local comic or anime convention