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98 Ways to Entertain Yourself without Smartphones or Social Media

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Ian Siegel, a LOG OFF Guest Writer, offers 101 ideas for unplugging while simultaneously proving the ease in living life off screens.


1) Read a book! It can be any book, based on any genre...I myself keep a few sci-fi and biography books in the house, and I'm also thinking of getting into comics.

2). Get into tabletop and board games

3). People watch (this you need to be discreet about though)

4). Get into puzzles

5). Write poetry or prose

6). Go out and hike

7). Shoot hoops

8). Go out and socialize (this may look differently due to COVID-19 )

9). Play with any of your pets

10). Paint

11). Experiment with new recipes

12). Go shopping at a physical store

13). Get into collecting

14) Birdwatch

15). Practice Yoga

16). Volunteer at a local organization

17). Play paintball or Nerf

18) Learn how to play an instrument

19). Clean out your closet and bedroom

20) Go swimming at your local pool

21) Paint your nails

22). Bake something, it can be cookies, cakes, bread, etc.

23) Learn how to skateboard or surf

24) Cosplay at a local comic or anime convention

25) Plan a vacation

26) Get into photography

27) Write your feelings in a journal

28) Plant a garden

29) Go through your old photo albums

30) Look through a magazine

31) Redecorate your room

32) Take a nap

33) Learn how to style your hair

34) Learn how to juggle.

35) Make home movies using an actual camera

36) Knit

37) Draw using pen and paper

38) Crochet

39). Make 3D models

40) Color something

41) Explore your town

42) Make homemade ice cream

43) Volunteer at a soup kitchen

44) String lights up in your room

45) Ride a bike

46) Design a family crest

47) Go sledding when it snows

48) Make a collage

49) Play Jenga

50) Organize your room

51) Practice makeup

52) Make a bucket list

53) Get involved politically by joining a local movement

54) Volunteer at an animal shelter

55) Take up Martial Arts

56) Go fishing

57) Practice soccer

58) Throw a football through tires or a hoop

59) Volunteer at an animal shelter

60) Check out your local library

61) Take a bath

62) Make origami

63) Play frisbee

64) Make a bracelet

65) Make a scrapbook

66) Learn how to write your name in cursive

67) Create an obstacle course

68) Go for a run or walk

69) Follow a local sports team by watching games either on ESPN+ or attending them in person

70) If it's snowing, build a snowman

71) Make a bucket list

72) Experiment with new outfits

80). Go to the zoo

81). Join a rec league

82). Go bowling

83). Meditate

84). Build something out of LEGO

85). Build a house of cards

86). Play handball

87). Go to a movie theater (assuming they're open and you have the money)

88). Go canoeing/kayaking

89). Sunbathe (if you live in a warm climate)

90). Visit friends or family mothers

91). Light candles

92). Relax at a local Cafè or Bistro

93). Pick flowers

94). Visit a museum

95). Learn a language

96). Visit your local Farmer's market

97). Check out a local restaurant

98). Go rock climbing

99). Learn how to snowboard

100). Learn how to dance

101). Enjoy real life

Covert Art by Becca Tapert from Unsplash

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