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What would social media look like if it supported your definition of autonomy?

A Social Media App Design by Maddie Freeman, 20, that supports her definition of autonomy or free will: to detach from outside forces to do whatever you want.

The mockup

Based on the rough sketch above.

Artboard 3.png

What makes HiLo different?

Maddie Freeman, 20

"You're not paying for the product, you are the product."

🦋 🌻 Changing the world for the better.


Maddie's bio as written by her friend Luke, 20.  

What does the word autonomy mean to you?

To kind of detach from outside forces like to do whatever you want. My mind just goes through social media, just because I think that's one of the most influencing things that is taking our freewill away.

Does your preferred social media support your understanding of autonomy? 

I think we're literally being almost forced down a rabbit hole of political polarisation. I fell prey to that. I just had such strong beliefs, which isn't a bad thing, but I was very sure of what I believed in. And so obviously, my social media reflected that.

I was not being shown content that people from the other side were seeing it all. I've seen things I agree with, and I'm posting things I agree with, but I didn't realise that the people I didn't agree with, we have this almost like mutual hatred for each other, even though as people we may liked each other.


Your freewill is very much stripped away on social media. The scariest part of that is that you're unaware of it until you learn about the issues. And that's why I'm so passionate about spreading education, because half the people don't even know their brains are getting, like, used and manipulated.

Maddie Luke Call.png

Luke's thoughts on
Maddie's app

“In terms of sharing the low - what you’re struggling with or don’t like - that’s something that’s not often seen on social media. Kind of exposing your vulnerability. Maybe that could bring more empathy out of people. It could actually be good for your mental health.” - Luke, 20

The Design Challenge was done on a Zoom call between two friends, Maddie and Luke (GenZ designers), and Iske (a non-GenZ facilitator and mockup designer).

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