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The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years. 18- to 24-year-olds spend 66 percent of their screen time using smartphone apps. It is said that an average person now unlocks his smartphone 150 times a day to check WhatsApp Messages. These exponentially rising trends of digital dependency made us, the students of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to conduct a study to determine the prevalence of screen addiction and associated health concerns and to start our initiative called R.E.S.C.U.E.-Remedies for Excessive Screen Use and Exposure. Through our Challenges we will help you break free from your screen addiction into a more meaningful world of reality where one can play, pray, love, cook, dance, sing, jump and discover everything that mother nature has predisposed mankind with.


Collaborating with the LOG OFF movement is a great opportunity for us, in a sense where two initiatives with a common agenda, can join hands to increase awareness and offer a viable remedy for excessive screen and social media usage. With the series of activities planned, we hope to spread our message far and wide, ultimately working towards our goal, of digital and mental well being.

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Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of screen overuse? Do you want to get out of it, before it gets too late? It's a common thing these days for people to complain that they don’t have the time to do so many things they’ve always wanted to do! This is not because of the dearth of time, rather because people knowingly or unknowingly spend a major chunk of  their time on Screen Devices lost in virtual reality. So much so that, they forget to explore, experience and enjoy the Real World.

The participant will have to reduce their screen time per day to 50% of the current (this excludes working hours and use of productivity applications and softwares like Acrobat, Office, Calling, Video-Calling, educational videos, etc.)

The participant is required to choose and do a few activities in the bucketlist (at the end of the page) during the challenge.

The detox can be taken for a variety of time periods, but we offer set requirements for the 3 day, 7 day, and 21 day challenge.




Hover over each box to see the number of activities participants are required to do. 'STEP' activities can be done in one day. 'LADDER' activities can be done on weekends and holidays. Lastly, 'LEAP' activities are long term activities or habits you want to create. Participants have freedom of decision to select more activities than required or to go beyond the boundaries of the activities suggested at the end of the page.




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On completion of your challenge, click on the CHALLENGE COMPLETION FORM below where we encourage you to do the following things:

First, share your success story in words and images. This story will be shown on the website so that you can inspire other people to develop this healthy lifestyle. 

Second, you can also post an image of the following banner with the #LOGOFF&RESCUEdigitalchallenge or in order to show off why you took the digital detox!


activities that can be done in a day


  • Paint, Color, Sketch

    Bring out your inner artist and light up the canvas.

  • Food for Brain

    Solve Sudoku, Rubik's cube, crossword and Puzzles.

  • Garden

    Enrich the atmosphere, and your mind. Check if the plants are getting enough sunlight, check their soil, water them.

  • Write a letter

    Not as a 5 marks question in your English Boards, but as a genuine activity

  • Study

    This one needs no explaining, does it? Catch up on your work.

  • Call up old friends

    Nothing like an honest conversation with your pals

  • Indulge in some

    self care

    You deserve it all!

  • Bake or Cook 

    Cook up something magical, while keeping away from your phone.

  • See a sunrise or sunset

    See it with your eyes, not through the lens of your camera.

  • Go for a run or Exercise

    Health is Wealth, after all!

  • Go outside 

    and play

    Indulge the child within you and give your body some exercise.

  • Gaze into the beautiful night sky

    Look at the limitless sky and marvel at the infinite cosmos

  • Meditate

    Dive within your inner spirits!

  • Skin care

    Treat yourself with rejuvenating face masks, moisturizers

  • Music

    Sing (and dance, if you wish) to beats of your favorite playlist (or discover new songs)

  • Play board games

    It's always fun with a tinge of competitive spirit. Or you can have scrabble tournaments, bananagrams, pictionary, Lego. Try playing cards.



activities which could be done on weekends and holidays

  • Go on a hike, trek, or camp

    See the beauty of mother nature, and give a welcome break to your body and mind

  • Go Around Town

    Go and explore the community around you.

  • Clean your House

    Make sure your work space is nice and tidy!

  • Make a scrapbook, album, or family tree

    Have fun finding out new facts about your family..

  • Make a Card for a veteran

    Show your gratitude and writing ability. 

  • Volunteer 

    There are always local organizations that need helping hands.

  • Have a nice family dinner

    Throw a BBQ, Italian, or just fun-themed dinner for your loved ones.

  • Organize a Small Trip

    Go, get out (when it is safe), and see the world!

  • Train for a race

    A race exercises the mind, soul, and body.  

  • Learn Calligraphy

    Impress your friends and family with some beautiful notes!

  • Reflect

    Think about your life and future goals.

  • Sleep

    We all need it and love it, so take some time to rest.


long term activities or desirable habits you want to create

  • Learn a New Hobby

    A good hobby stays with you for a lifetime. Knitting and crocheting are good options.

  • Learn a New Sport

    Learn a new sport and play like a champion..

  • Try keeping a diary

    Record your thoughts for the future and reflect on your past.

  • Improve sleeping habits

    A healthy mind requires sound sleep.

  • Create a Gym Routine 

    Improve your fitness and feel better!

  • Improve self-confidence

    Learn to believe in your abilities by seeking out ways to improve your self-confidence.

  • Learn Yoga and Meditation

    Find some inner peace

  • Quit a bad habit

    Since you are already working on quitting your phone addiction, tackle the next bad habit.

  • Read More

    Enrich your mind with newspapers, articles, novels, and more!

  • Learn Photography

    Show the world your perspective.

  • Engage in larger DIY Projects

    Unleash your inner artist and embark on a large DIY project in your house!

  • Journal or Blog

    Start expressing yourself

  • Learn a new Language

    Pick a language and learn another culture better.

  • Start writing a short book/story

    Tell a story!

  • Create a personal development plan

    Plan out your goals and the steps needed to complete them. 

  • Take an online course 

    Take an online course on an interesting subject.


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