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Fabiana Sketch.png

What would social media look like if it supported your definition of content creation?

A Social Media App Design by Fabiana Romain 17, that supports her definition of content creation: For me it’s a process of identifying the topics you want to share knowledge on and start brainstorming ways to do that and create the content.

The mockup

Based on the rough sketch above.

Fabiana Sketch.png

What makes Aura different?

Artboard 1 copy 16.png
Fabiana Romain, 17

Creating a female empowerment playlist with Fabiana was "one of my favourite experiences so far because we really haven't had so many team calls, because of the different time zones and everything."

Susan's, 17, favourite memory of her fellow LOG OFF member Fabiana.

What if you could go back to 2008, where content creation did not exist in the same sense of today, how do you think life would be different?

I think we tend to forget that content creation can happen offline, right, so whenever you're creating something: when you're writing a book, creating a sculpture, you're painting, you're actually creating new content that can be displayed in real places like museums. The distribution channel may change, but if we talk about content creation and self-expression, that would still be art, because without content creation  you wouldn't be able to create and produce anything actually.


Saanvi's thoughts on Celine's app

“I really like the idea of an app within your local community where you can ask if someone has a desk for an evening. I noticed during the lockdown - even if you’re in a big gated community, it makes a difference if you know the people around you.” - Saanvi, 15

The Design Challenge was done on a Zoom call between the LOG OFF members, Celine, Saanvi and Aishwarya (GenZ designers), and Iske (a non-GenZ facilitator and mockup designer).

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