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Image by Duangphorn Wiriya


Every member of the LOG OFF team is essential to the success of the movement. From the writers to the TLC members to the Regional Representatives, our team is composed of a diverse group of people ready to change the world!




Hi, I'm Emma! I came up with the preliminary idea for LOG OFF after I noticed social media's negative effect on my mental health. The constant bombardment with a never ending feed worsened my anxiety and left me instilled with unrealistic expectations for my life and the way I look. After about two years, I took a hiatus from social media in order to reflect on ways to better my experience on these apps. I knew there was a need for a platform to discuss the duality of social media in its entirety and to teach healthy ways to use it. With the help of my other co-founders, the dream has become a reality in the form of the LOG OFF movement! I hope LOG OFF will serve as a catalyst for change and a platform to highlight young voices. I cannot wait to further explore the issue at hand and to expand the movement across the globe!



Hi, I'm Celine! I am a Franco-American currently living in Barcelona and the founder of the Wellbeing Initiative to help teens connect better with others, their true selves, and nature. With the LOG OFF community, I hope to build healthier communities through digital wellness and authentic relationships. My primary missions is to engage youth to tackle the negative effects of digital dependencies, create more balance, and celebrate our shared human connection!


Director of IT and

Web Design

Hey, I'm Matthew. I decided to join the Teen Leadership Council because I wanted to help my friends and fellow teens understand the pros and cons of social media use. I've always had a strange relationship with social media. It always left me feeling depressed, yet I consistently craved to swipe through my Instagram feed. It caused me to procrastinate and ended up affecting my grades. Once I deleted my Instagram account for good, I have wanted to help people understand the consequences of using social media. So, the Teen Leadership Council was the perfect place for me!


Alessia Jetta

President of the teen leadership council

Ciao, I’m Alessia from Italy! I decided to join LOG OFF after noting how negative the impact of social media can be on our daily lives.  Who has never envied what a person's perfect life looks like on Instagram?  Personally, I always compared myself to the perfect, but unreal bodies of the Instagram models, until I understood the damage I was causing to my mental health;  this was what made me reflect on the weight that our society gives to the virtual world, and that is why we must act!


Noor Ben Aziza

Coordinating member

Hi, I'm Noor! a while ago I became aware that social media was affecting my mental health negatively and I had to do something about it. Joining the LOG OFF movement is a chance for me to make a change, and encourage people to see how huge the impact of social media is on our lives.


Hi everyone! I’m Fabiana and I’m really excited to be part of this amazing movement. I joined LOG OFF because I’ve seen the impact social media has had on my life and I believe it’s very important to be aware of the effects it has on us, especially throughout this time; and hopefully I’ll get to help fulfill the mission of our founders!

Isabella Yaghmai

Coordinating Member

Hi, I’m Isabella! In the last year, I noticed the unnecessary amount of time I spent on my phone and how constantly refreshing my social media pages began to feel like a chore. I wanted to be apart of the LOG OFF movement because our society has progressed to be so involved in social media that we need to be aware of how it is affecting us, physically and mentally.


Director of the blog

Hi, I’m Ainsley! I’ve joined Log Off because I’m fascinated with the ways in which social media and smartphone devices affect us mentally, behaviorally, medically, and socially. My goal is to educate myself and others on the ways in which we can incite positive change.


Alassane Sow

Ambassador and Chapter development team member

Hi, my name is Alassane. I grew up always wanting a phone and to be on social media like the other kids in school. Not long after getting into social media did I realize that it consumed most of my time and thoughts. I became more aware and understood that this addiction could cause real issues. From then on I would intermittently delete my social media apps and would notice I could focus on school and my physical social life more. The answer however is not to completely distance yourself from the internet but to be aware of its effect and give yourself alternative hobbies and entertainment.

Sarah Abudakar

 Character ed task force member

Hi I’m Sarah! Social media awareness has been one of my biggest passions throughout high school. Our ideas about social media are constantly evolving based on the information we receive about it. My job is to research and create new ways to step away from the digital world so we can connect on a deeper level. The journey I went on when limiting my social media intake opened my eyes in countless ways which is why I joined LOG OFF to advocate and inform others of the loss of connectedness that social media has brought to our modern day life. 

Sannidhi Gudipati

MEMBER of outreach communications

Hi, I'm Sannidhi! I’ve been using social media from a very young age, and I recently realized how much it has affected my mental health and the way I perceive life. Social media has deceived me and many more from a young age, set certain standards for how our life is supposed to be, which led me to comparing my life with others. I look forward to using Log Off as an opportunity to educate people, especially youngsters about how social media sets the wrong expectations and standards.


Keegan Lee

DIrector of wellbeing

Hi, I'm Keegan! I started educating myself on digital wellness during lockdown when I gravitated toward my phone. It was my main source of entertainment and connection and I knew this wasn't setting the stage for a successful life. I decided to delete social media for 2 months, and in the process, I learned so much about handling technology in a digitally-driven world. The biggest thing that I have learned about being an advocate for digital wellness is that in a world of hashtags, algorithms, and likes, the true human connection lies in the harmonizing interactions we receive by being physically together. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this movement, and to work with a community that is keen to support this for the long term!


MEMBER of female engagement and education

Hey, I’m Susan! As a teenager, social media affects my life in a positive and negative way. It allows me to talk to my friends who live far away but also makes me feel very insecure. I joined log off because I want to introduce healthier social media habits to other teenagers and preteens especially women. When I first joined social media, I was envious of the bodies of models (which are often heavily) and started to grow insecure of my own body . As I grew older, I realized that these images of social media stars are often unrealistic and impossible to get. My goal through this movement is to help other girls to use social media safely and for them gain back any confidence they might have lost from it.


Emily Maston

Director of non-profit development

Hi! I’m Emily! I joined Log Off because I realized the negative effect social media had on my health. I have had social media for almost all of my life and the constant stream of messages and posts just left me overwhelmed and sad. When I took a break, I realized how much social media can damage your health and I want other people to learn that as well, not only from us teaching about it but also getting first hand experience.

Emma Kileen

Member of The lgbtq+ Initiative

Hey, it's Emma. I'm a regional representative for  LOG OFF. I have a love-hate relationship with social media. On one hand, I can learn cool facts and interact with my community. On the other, there is a lot of hate and bullying online. I've seen a lot of it and it always makes me upset. I want to help people understand the effects of social media on their mental health and how to lessen their intake.


Director of ambassadorship and LOG OFF CHAPTER Development

Hey, my name is Alex and I've grown up in Toronto, Canada. I was so excited when I first heard about the LOG OFF movement and how it aimed to further dialogue to help young people navigate digital wellness! Social media has undoubtedly changed the relationship with my body impacted my mental health. Reflecting on this helped me become incredibly passionate about giving others the resources, education and tools to spread positive change.


Matt Ball Torokoff

blog and video production member


If you got a frog and laid it on its back, gently rubbing its tummy, did you know you could end up hypnotising it? The way phones somehow hold your attention for hours without a break and you can’t help but reach out and check notifications over and over. I feel a bit like a frog. I joined Log Off because  tech addiction has the whole world getting their tummy rubbed. I say it’s time we flip the frogs back on their and break the trance. 


Harry Devlin

Director of Spectrum talk video production

Hi, I’m Harry. I joined LOG OFF mainly for the experience. I’m an aspiring film director and saw this as an opportunity to develop my CV and to improve my skills as an editor. In addition to this, I agree with what the movement stands for and am happy to join in with the effort.

Caio Jorge

Coordinating member

Hi! I am Caio Jorge from Brazil. By accident, in 2018, I clicked on the Amazon button: "buy with one click" for the book "10 Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts Right Now" written by Jaron Lanier. I read it and since then i've been worried about what technology has become and its impact on people as individuals and on society as a whole.


Director of Interpersonal communications

Hi, I am Rakshit. I belong to that small strata of population who has been on Instagram when it was not owned by Facebook. Jokes apart I am a seasoned debater. I have had a love-hate relationship with social media throughout my life. Social media according to me is a Pandora's box which is being awaited to be opened, which shall expose the dark and dirty secrets of this industry. I have seen social media destroy the life of normal teens around me and what negative impact it has on them. I decided to join LOGOFF to be a part of the Second Social Media Revolution which shall change the world for good. The need of the hour is of youth leadership and that is what I wan to achieve here at LOGOFF.


Director of the Character ed program and monthly writer

Namaste! My name is Saanvi, from India. I joined LOGOFF because even though I've never been very interested in social media, I've seen the negative effects on my friends and family, and I want to make sure people are aware of the negative effects of social media. I want the younger generation to know the pros and the cons of being on social media, and to know how to make their own decisions online. I'm really excited to work for a cause I truly believe in, and I hope I can make a difference!


Jack Brustkern

Member of the Character ED task force 

Hello, I'm Jack. In 2017, I woke up to how my past use of social media and gaming had damaged my relationships and mental health. Since then, I have been working to help other kids develop digital balance by conducting primary research, giving 20 talks to thousands of kids and parents, creating a parent course, writing a book, and founding a startup that builds resources for parents to help them guide their kids toward digital balance. I greatly enjoy developing strategy and content with the LOG OFF team, and I hope that our youth voices will lead our generation to digital balance.

Member of the Character ED task force;

Director of Public Relations 

Hi! I’m Clara. I decided to join LOG OFF because I really liked the approach the organization had in respect to social media and it’s integrated role in our world. Without labeling social media as an antagonist in our lives, LOG OFF seeks to help people use social media in a way that protects their health, body and mind, from undesirable effects. And that goal is something I wanted to be apart of :)


Member of the Character ED task force 

Hi! I’m Madelief and I’m from the Netherlands! Social media plays a big part in my life and in the lives of others around me. In the past year I’ve realized how negatively many of us have been affected by our social media usage. I’ve personally noticed how addictive social media can be and have felt my confidence being affected by the hours I spent scrolling. I hope that together we at LOG OFF will open up the conversation about the toxic side of social media and help others use social media in a healthy and productive way.


Madelief  Van Leeuwen


Director of outreach

Hi, I'm Clare! I found Log Off as I was researching how social media can increase our polarization. I began to notice how social media was shifting my political views, in ways I didn't always agree with. That was when I realized that the influence of social media was more expansive than I ever imagined; it majorly shapes the lens through which we view the world. I am excited to work with Log Off and help other young adults navigate their relationship with social media and its effects.

Emi Photo.jpg

LGBTQ+ DirectoR, Member of the Character ED task force, AND CO-DIRECTOR OF THE PODCAST 

Hi, my name is Emi Kim and I am the director of the LGBTQ+ Initiative. I joined the LOG OFF Movement in order to spread awareness and healthy resources to those who have been or could be affected by social media. As social media becomes more of a tool in our everyday lives, I want to help make sure that nobody feels alone or unsafe while being online. I also want to help protect LGBTQ+ youth on social media by offering resources and support.


Ella Verducci

Member of the Character ED task force and Wellbeing initiative

Hello, I’m Ella, and I am from California. I noticed that social media takes a toll on my peers and my own mental health. When I found myself mindlessly scrolling on social media, my self-confidence declined, and I started to overthink much more. It took me a while to figure out if what I felt was normal since mass amounts of social media usage are normal for teenagers. I joined LOG OFF to help provide resources to others like me, who struggled with harmful social media usage

Log Off.JPG

Gabriella Casas

Member of the Wellbeing initiative

Hi!! Im Gabriella. I decided to join to LOG OFF after watching a video of Jubilee where the CEO (Emma Lembke) was discussing how social media has harmed teenagers and why we have become so addicted to it. I believe the LOG OFF movement is the perfect platform to incentivize Gen Z to live a life that uses technology but doesn’t depend on it, promotes awareness about the positive and negative impacts, especially on mental health. Let’s create a future that is less virtual and more humane!


Deeyana Desronvil

Member of the female initiative

Hey there! My name is Deeyana Desronvil and I am from Massachusetts. Social media has become a necessary daily activity, and just like most teens, I allowed social media to greatly influence my life. I caught myself constantly checking my phone, comparing myself to other people I viewed on many platforms, and distancing myself from real life interactions between family and friends. Most recently I deleted all my platforms and have realized there is more to our everyday lives besides social media. I joined log off because I want to spread awareness to the effects social media can take on people physically and mentally.

LOGOFF Profile Pic.jpeg

Director of Tech(nically) Politics

Hey, I’m Aliza! I spent most of my childhood with my hands in dirt or paint instead of holding a screen. Now a high school senior, I know the challenge of sustaining a healthy and balanced relationship with technology. During the fall semester of my junior year, I attended the Mountain School in Vermont, where I went four months without my phones and with no access to WiFi in living spaces. Upon returning to my suburban town and large public school, I was struck by the negative impacts of media-centric culture and grew inspired to share my experiences. Through my published and spoken work, and now with the co-founding Tech(nically) Politics, I hope to help us move towards a human—not screen—focused world.


Julianne Freytag

Hello! My name is Julianne Freytag, and I'm currently a writer for LOG OFF. I joined the movement because I understand how addictive and harmful social media can be and I always wished there were more resources that talked about the process of minimizing its role in our lives.


Charles Schnell

Hello! My name is Charles Schnell I am excited and thankful to be able to join the Log Off team. Having abandoned social media in middle school and never looked back (at least, not for too long), I am passionate about fighting social media addiction and helping others live their lives as best they can. When I am not writing articles, you can find me doing schoolwork, playing guitar, or serving at church.

Charles Schnell - Guitar Headshot.jpg

Zainab Kamran

Hi! I’m Zainab from Pakistan. Social media is a big part of our lives, a while ago I noticed the overwhelming impact it had on my mental health and I couldn’t really understand how all of it was happening and why it was happening. I was only able to understand the outré framework through which social media works on with tiresome researches and the constant flick-through of different books. I joined LOG OFF because it can serve as a portal for the youth to thoroughly understand the virtual world; I believe that every individual, especially teenagers, need the necessary guidance for their online presence and motivation for a positive change so that we are able to create a better environment

for every person who uses social media.


Janie McMillin

Hello!  I’m Janie McMillin.  When I first discovered LOG OFF, I was in complete and utter awe.  The mission that is “LOG OFF” is really inspiring to me, and reminded me of a few times when I have fallen prey to social media’s expectations.  Joining the writing team at LOG OFF, I hope to cover the resources/political side of social media; The side that provides us with more resources than ever before, right at our fingertips.  Social media, without a doubt, has so much negativity, and it is far too easy to fall into the dark hole that it is.  So, I will strive to show teens how to really use it as a tool to help others and spread/find good information and messages. Overall, I am so humbled to be a part of LOG OFF!

Sonny Sehra

Hi! I’m Sonny, from Canada! I advocate for moderate and conscious usage of social media. Alcohol is not intrinsically evil but alcoholism is and that applies to technology as well. We live in a technocapital attention economy, where millions of dollars are invested into algorithms designed to keep us mindlessly scrolling for hours on end. Let me put into perspective: if social media was around back in the day, would William Shakespeare be tweeting instead of writing? Would Isaac Newton be sitting on his bed, scrolling through Tik Toks, instead of sitting under the tree where an apple fell under his head and prompted him to discover gravity? Life is finite and temporary but we waste so much of it on our devices. Social media is not a value in itself, rather a tool to be used to pursue values. For example, YouTube is not intrinsically bad or good.. how you use it is (compare spending hours watching cute cat videos to hours watching videos on how to learn a language or a beneficial skill). In my articles for LOG OFF, you’ll see a lot of psychology and philosophy, hopefully giving you a new outlook on the digital age. I am absolutely not a luddite (fancy word for anti-technology). Instead, I’d describe myself as a member of the Slow Media movement (using technology more productively).


Elmina Heder

Hey! My name is Elmina and I am Bosnian-American! I joined the LOG OFF movement as a writer because I personally have struggled with self love, identity, and acceptance issues ever since I began to cultivate my social media platforms back in 2015. My goal is to help inspire others to love themselves beyond filters, photos, and followers, as well as create work to help teach others how to utilize social media in a more positive + safe manner <3

Image from iOS.jpg

Molly Armstrong

Hi! My name’s Molly Armstrong, and I’m a writer for LOG OFF. I’ve been passionate about healthy social media and screen use after noticing negative effects on my mental health and self esteem a few years back. Since, I really only talked with friends and family, but after discovering LOG OFF and seeing how this movement has already spread knowledge and awareness to so many others, I knew this was the right space for me! I hope to promote LOG OFF’s mission through my writing, with a focus on well being and lifestyle. Outside of my role, I’m a current college student who loves hiking, volleyball, and frequenting the many coffee shops of Seattle, Washington. I'm so grateful to be apart of this movement!

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Liv Campbell

My name is Liv Campbell and I’m a college student studying theatre. I am fascinated by human connection, and I am so pleased to help explore that in such a meaningful way with Log Off. I believe together we can leave this world better than we found it. Together, we can find a way to restore authentic human connections and make social media and technology a part of our lives instead of the center.

Olivia Bancel

Hi, I’m Olivia! Throughout my whole life, I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong in the right century. Unlike what seemed to be the case for a lot of people my age, I’ve always disliked phones and social media and the ways it’s begun to take up so much of our everyday lives. For the fall of my sophomore year of high school, I went abroad to a program where I didn’t have access to any technology for three months. The program showed how amazing life could be without phones and taught me how to live in the moment with the people around me. Since then, I’ve always felt like I was alone when it came to my views on phone use and social media until I heard about Log Off. I’m so exciting to be joining as a writer for the blog and to share my stories and experiences with everyone

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