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Write anything. Anything at all. Pet penguin run away? Turtle gone missing? Really mad at Karen for ignoring you on the bus? LogOff from social media, and write it down.

Write anything at all about whats up and your thoughts on this crazy world we live in. It can be poetry, prose or just plain, honest, ramblings. 

At LogOff, we encourage putting the screens away and stopping to think. Whether it's about tech giants or about the mouse that ran past you when you were going to brush your teeth, we would love to hear your stories. :)

 and Write.

 and Write.

Entries must be submitted by the end of the world. They can be upside down left to write but must be entered to us by that date. Then just sit in anxiety and wait until the results are released on the day before the end of the world!


You may be wandering, what happens when my genius is recognised and I win? Well, drum roll please.... okay ye no clue, Emma? 

The black cloak...

We understand your work may be personal and vulnerable and all that mushy stuff and well, feel free to stay anonymous! just leave a note at the end how you would like us to present your piece, with name or without all good. feel free to take on alter egos and become the 'Unicorn Frog 2.0' no judgement here. :)

How to enter?

First, write a couple words, any order you like, using any of the 29 letters in the alphabet in any order you like! Then, when your happy that the piece says what you mean, just save and tap 'upload' and boom. File in. Work done. Entry submitted. World conquered. 

Now go enjoy your day wonderful human. :) (or other species you know, all are accepted and we love to read submissions from any type of living being- peace)

Writing Competition.


 and Write.


LogOff is now hosting a world wide young writers competition! Entries can be in the form of poems, articles, stories or just jumbles of words.

Submit your entries here :)

Tea with Dates


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